Spinnaker are your maritime people experts


At Spinnaker, we build relationships. For over 20 years we have established great connections with maritime people; individuals, companies, organisations and industry bodies. We get to know our candidates. We visit our clients. We provide our members with unique insights. We take our reputation very seriously, and we partner with some of the most respected names in the industry.

This means you can rest assured we spend the time to get to know you.

Industry knowledge

Maritime is our business. We know this industry inside out. Founded by shipping people, we’ve been immersed in the industry since we launched in the 90s. Whether it’s maritime law, P&I, operations, technical maritime, shipping finance or sales, we understand. Our team are talking to the decision makers within the industry every day, so are on top of the issues within shipping as they happen.

This means we totally understand you, your business and your market.


Since 1997 we have been building our global network. Our team travel the world to meet our clients, candidates and contacts in person. Our monthly maritime HR and recruitment newsletter has a global readership of 40,000, our website receives healthy traffic as one of the largest online sources of shore-based shipping jobs, and we have a strong presence on social media. Wherever you are in the world, we’re connected.

This all means we have an unrivalled network that we can tap into for you.

Culture fit

Whether you’re a candidate applying for one of our roles or a business owner making a hire, we know how important company culture is in the recruitment process. There are different ways of understanding a business culture – like getting to know a client through regular communication, visiting the workplace and building a picture that we can promote to prospective new hires. We also offer team personality profiling so that the landscape of a business can be fully understood – where skills gaps lie and how different personalities can support and complement each other.

This means we are not only looking at skills and competencies of candidates, but we will be looking for that all important personality and culture fit for you.


Spinnaker are the specialists within a niche specialism – maritime. It’s our business to make sure we’re the experts within this ever-changing industry. It can be difficult to understand maritime unless you’re in it, this means that you’re in safe hands to help your business, whether it’s through recruitment, search, salary benchmarking or leadership training.

Diversity champions

Spinnaker has long been a champion of diversity and inclusion within the shipping industry. Managing Director Teresa Peacock is on the board of WISTA UK, she is part of the Women in Maritime Taskforce, and sits on the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women and Work. Spinnaker has also led significant research into the gender pay gap via our salary benchmarking. Spinnaker partners with Diversity & Ability (DnA) which supports cultural shifts in the workplace to allow everyone of all backgrounds and abilities to thrive. In 2019 Spinnaker was awarded Maritime UK’s Diversity Award.

So you know when it comes to diversity and inclusion we can confidently support you.


Since 2005 Spinnaker has been benchmarking global maritime salaries, ensuring best practice within the industry. Spinnaker is secretariat to two benchmarking associations; the Maritime HR Association for shore-based salaries, and the Seafarer Employers’ Association. With over 150 members involved, Spinnaker has access to truly unique data within the industry. Spinnaker has a team of data professionals who exclusively handle the salary data, distributing it to members and producing reports to comment on industry trends.

This means you have access to up to date information that is credible and reliable.

Trust & integrity

Spinnaker’s reputation has been built on a solid foundation of trust with our network. When we embark on a relationship with a new client, whether it’s for recruitment, search, salary benchmarking or our bespoke HR products, we pride ourselves on our reliability, discretion, and integrity. We’re dealing with potentially sensitive situations – perhaps we’re assisting with succession planning and need to execute the utmost subtlety, or we are handling large amounts of very confidential salary data. We have been a trusted partner for many of maritime’s most influential companies since 1997, and our reputation is something we take very seriously.

So, you can rest easy with confidence in our discretion.

Tangible results

We don’t just say the right words – we deliver. Some of our clients have used us to recruit their top talent for over twenty years. Our salary benchmarking members renew their memberships year after year. The feedback we get on our maritime people services are humbling and make us very proud of the work we do. The testimonials from our network speak for themselves.

So you know you are using a proven service.


Spinnaker can provide proactive alerts and intelligence on changes in the industry, and fast. We know who’s moving job within the market. With our salary data we can provide real-time intelligence. We screen candidates quickly and efficiently. Our recruitment consultants work in teams to ensure continuity and speed of service.

We’re fully tapped into the market, meaning you won’t get left behind.