Georgina SpinnakerGeorgina King

Reward Consultant

Georgina joined Spinnaker in 2015 and has been with Spinnaker for nearly 10 years. She originally joined Spinnaker as an Associate Consultant, and in 2019 she moved over to the HR Consulting team. She works on the Seafarers Employers’ Association which includes the information exchanges and the main thing being the Seafarer Daily Wage cost report that comes out yearly. She also works on the Maritime HR Association working on information exchanges, market analysis and the MHRA Salary Survey. Georgina also became facet 5 accredited in September 2022.

Georgina graduated in 2015 from Buckingham New University with a degree in Psychology.

Georgina loves to read and is part of a book club, she enjoys gaming and playing Dungeons and Dragons, she is currently learning to play the Ukelele and you can often find her heading down to Leigh and enjoying the live music scene with family and friends.

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Georgina King, Reward Consultant