Lucy SpinnakerLucy McQuillan

HRC Manager

Lucy heads up the Salary Benchmarking Data team and has been with Spinnaker for over 10 years, joined in 2013 as a Recruitment Consultant, and moved over to HR Consulting in 2017. Lucy oversees all Salary Survey work, Market Analysis reports and Information Exchanges on the Maritime HR Association and the Seafarer Employers’ Association. She works with partners t-three on the Maritime Leadership Development Programme and is a Facet5 Accredited Practitioner having delivered over 200 feedback sessions in her 10 years at Spinnaker and is a 2nd facilitator in these sessions.

During COVID Lucy became Level 3 CIPD qualified. She graduated in 2012 from Aberystwyth University with a Political Studies degree.

She is an avid History enthusiast, who knows almost anything and everything about history (we are yet to catch her out), and she loves a good book on historical crime. Another love for Lucy is following Excel Instagram pages to keep up with new Excel formulas for survey validation!

“Thank you so much for you and your reward team to produce so many meaningful and insightful analysis (salary) reports. We very much appreciate your efforts and quality work! Very well done!”

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Lucy McQuillan, HRC Manager