Executive Leadership Team Jobs

The executive leadership team is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership within an organisation. This team operates as an interdependent, collaborative decision-making body in place to strategically execute the company’s mission and vision.

An executive leadership team would form part of a typical board sitting alongside and making decision with Non-Executive Directors (NED’s).

Example job titles

Group Chief Executive Officer, President -Shipping, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Environmental Officer, Managing Directors, Sales Directors, General Manager, Regional Managing Director, General Counsel.

Example job descriptions

Chief Executive Officer
In most companies, this is the most senior executive director who would typically report to the board. The CEO is responsible for implementing the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation, overseeing corporate governance, providing leadership and is likely to have responsibility for investor relations, raising equity, and responsible for mergers & acquisitions.

Chief Financial Officer
The CFO is responsible for the full range of financial activities including, but not limited to, treasury management, risk management, regulatory reporting, management accounts, investor relations, funding, internal financial reporting, and taxation.

Chief Operating Officer
This position is responsible for implementing the company’s overall business strategy. They would oversee the day-to-day running of the company, ensuring business operations and management of resources are efficient and effective. This role may also be involved in developing and implementing policies and procedures.

Chief Commercial Officer
This role generally sits above the head of chartering and business development and marketing departments. They will have responsibility for the development of the company’s commercial strategy, with the aim of ensuring the company’s commercial success.

Chief Human Resource Officer
The CHRO (sometimes known as Chief People Officer) has overall responsibility for all ‘people’ aspects of the business. Their roles is to ensure that the people strategy aligns with the business goals.

General Counsel
This role is the most senior lawyer in the business who will have responsibility for all legal affairs such as contentious and non-contentious shipping issues, S&P, ship finance. They may also have responsibility for insurance and / or risk.

Where can I work in an executive leadership position?

Most shipping companies will employ a senior leadership team comprising of at least a CEO and CFO.

Executive leadership roles are usually based in the organisation’s head office, although some larger shipping companies will also employ regional CEO’s.

Key skills and experience

The skills and experience of various C-suite roles will vary, but consistent skills include being able to manage and inspire others and having a clear vision and being able to plan and communicate this effectively.

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