Marine, Safety & Quality Jobs

Marine, safety & quality jobs tend to require people to have seagoing experience and they would typically be former deck officers. These jobs provide support for marine functions such as Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (sometimes known as either HSEQ, QHSE, SHEQ or HSSEQ). They may also be involved in vessel audits or training.  The emphasis of the role is on safe, environmentally compliant and low-cost operating procedures. 

Vetting inspectors carry out internal audits and pre-vetting inspections to ensure their vessels and operations are up to standard. 

Example job titles

Marine Superintendent, Port Captain, Cargo Superintendent, Vetting Inspector, HSEQ Manager, Training Superintendent, Marine Advisor, Marine Operations Superintendent, Vetting & Clearance Superintendent,

Example job descriptions

Vetting Inspector

Vetting inspectors are usually employed by oil companies, shipowners, shipmanagers, inspection organisations (OCIMF, RightShip), and independent surveying companies.  Shipowners and managers employ their own vetting inspectors to carry out internal audits and pre-vetting inspections to ensure their vessels and operations are up to standard.  

Port Captains

Port Captains have responsibility for overseeing vessels in port, cargo operations and vessel turnaround.

Where can I work in a marine, safety & quality role?

  • Shipowners
  • Shipmanagers
  • Charterers
  • Oil Majors
  • Inspection organisations

Globally, but major locations include Germany, Hong Kong, India, London (UK), Philippines, Singapore and UAE. 

Key skills and experience
  • Depending on the role, a degree in engineering or naval architecture is often needed.
  • In-depth technical and policy knowledge of how a fleet operates and an in-depth understanding of maritime regulations, strong managerial skills, and knowledge of port and cargo operations.
  • The ability to travel at the drop of a hat.
  • Vetting inspectors are usually master mariners or chief engineers.
  • HSEQ roles are normally filled by chief officers.

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