These are the terms and conditions which apply between Spinnaker Global Ltd / Spinnaker Global (Singapore) Pte Ltd (together “Spinnaker”) and work seekers (“you”) making use of our services. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, which is available on our website

We are governed by the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (EAA) in the UK and by similar legislation in other jurisdictions and also by data protection regulations in various jurisdictions, including the General Data Protection Regulations relating to the use of personal data.

  1. We will provide you with work finding services as defined in the EAA. We will not charge you any fees for work finding services. We are engaged by employer clients to fill vacancies and are paid by them.The work finding services we provide are:
    1. finding / seeking to find you work as explained below;
    2. the provision of vacancy & other information on and any other website or media Spinnaker may use;
    3. the provision of vacancy & other information via email and other notifications;
    4. the provision of vacancy & other information via our newsletter
  2. We operate as an ’employment agency’ in respect of finding you permanent or temporary employment or seeking to find you such employment within the markets in which Spinnaker operate.
  3. We operate as an ’employment business’ in respect of any assignment or contract we may find for you in relation to which you are or will be employed by us, an umbrella company with whom we partner, a limited company proposed by you and acceptable to us (where the necessary legal requirements for the assignment to be regarded as a contract for services appear to be satisfied) and under the control of other persons.
  4. We are required by law to obtain confirmation of your identity, that you are legally entitled and willing to work in the location and position which the hiring company is seeking to fill and that you have the experience, training, qualifications and any authorisations which the hiring company considers necessary or are required by law or by any professional body. You agree to provide the necessary information and documentation to us.
  5. We will register you in our database if you have sent us your CV directly and / or completed our registration form on and you will be included in job-matching searches that we conduct for vacancies we are handling. If you appear suitable for a particular vacancy, our consultants will try to contact you by phone or in writing to invite you to apply.
  6. Should you apply for a vacancy, whether in response to an invitation to apply or having seen a vacancy advertised on our website or elsewhere, we will manually review your CV and any additional relevant information you have given us to determine whether you are a close-enough match to our client’s requirements for us to conduct a preliminary interview with you to enable us to reach a decision whether to shortlist you for the vacancy.
  7. These terms and conditions also apply to you if we have approached / headhunted you about a vacancy and you have, as a result of that approach, decided to apply for the vacancy in question.
  8. You may at any time specify the basis upon which you wish to remain registered with us as a work seeker. For instance, you may specify for how long we are to retain your personal data, for which vacancy types we may approach you, which locations you are interested in and so on. If you apply for a specific vacancy but do not wish to be contacted about future vacancies, you may instruct us accordingly.
  9. You and we may agree from time to time that we will submit you to one or more clients on a speculative basis. You may also agree to be submitted to clients on the basis that if you are not hired for the specific vacancy for which you have been submitted, you are willing to be considered by them for other roles with them for which you may appear to be suitable. In each of these cases a ‘client’ includes their associated companies.
  10. We will only ever send clients your CV, or other information identifying the fact that you are a work seeker registered with us, with your express permission.
  11. We will write to you to confirm any verbal authorisation you give us to submit you to clients. You agree to use your best endeavours to reply promptly with your confirmation or any amendments to the authority you have given us. However, you also agree that unless you reply to cancel the authorisation before your candidature has been submitted to the employer client, we may proceed on your verbal instructions.
  12. We will also ask you to inform us whether or not you have previously applied, either directly or via a third party, to the employer concerned whether for the specific vacancy that we may be discussing with you or for any other vacancy or speculatively. You agree to do so and also to confirm that there is no ongoing recruitment dialogue between you and that client or, if there is, specifically what it relates to.
  13. You agree that by authorising us to submit you to an employer client, you have either not authorised any other third party to do so or are thereby terminating their authority and exclusively authorising us to do so. In any event, by authorising us to submit you to a client, you are confirming that the authority you give us does not conflict with any authority you may have given to a third party.
  14. You agree that having given us authority to submit you to an employer client, you will not make a further application for the same vacancy, either directly or via any other intermediary, or, if a speculative submission, that you will not apply to that client at all within 12 months without first terminating in writing the authority you have given us.
  15. After we have identified you to and / or submitted you to an employer client, the client is bound by their contractual relationship with us not to make direct contact with you. Very occasionally this will nevertheless happen and you agree to inform us if it does and also to remind the client that we have obtained your authority to submit you to them.
  16. After we have identified you to and / or submitted you to an employer client, the client is bound by their contractual relationship with us and by data protection legislation not to send your CV or other identifying information to third parties, including their associated companies. Very occasionally this will nevertheless happen and you agree to inform us if you become aware that it has happened.
  17. We may from time to time utilise the services of a third party company to check publicly available information to ascertain whether candidates we have submitted to employer clients are now, without our knowledge, working for those clients. We provide such third parties only with the minimum necessary information to facilitate those checks.
  18. If we find you work, you agree that you will carefully check your employment contract and any offer letter received from your new employer and that the terms and conditions contained in those documents will constitute your terms of employment. You agree that these documents take precedence over other communications regarding your offer of employment and that it is your responsibility to raise any discrepancies with the employer before accepting your contract / offer letter.
  19. Occasionally, we may post vacancy advertisements on our website which contain a hiring company’s direct contact details. In such cases you are applying directly to the hiring company for the vacancy in question. The hiring company, and not Spinnaker, is responsible for responding to your application.
  20. Spinnaker may use anonymous aggregated data held to identify and publish reports covering employment trends such as salary averages and industry demographics (including to customers outside the European Economic Area).
  21. Use of your work email address – If you register with us using a non-private or corporate email address, please ensure that it is secure (i.e. you know who is able to view your inbox). We cannot accept responsibility if your emails are read by others with access to your inbox. If your email address is not secure, we recommend that you obtain a private email address.
  22. We reserve the right not to register you on our database and to delete your personal data if in our opinion your experience and qualifications are not relevant for the types of vacancies which our clients ask us to fill.
  23. We will remove from our database any data which includes content that we consider or is proven to be illegal or offensive or factually incorrect. We will also remove you from our database if you use rude or inappropriate behaviour towards any member of our staff.
  24. When operating as an employment business:
    1. We will not withhold payment to you if we have not been paid by the hiring company.
    2. We will only delay payment for a reasonable time to make enquiries if you have not produced a signed time sheet while we obtain a time sheet or alternative proof that you have worked the hours claimed.
    3. Unless otherwise required by the hiring company, during the period of your employment with us, each party shall be required to give notice to terminate the contract as prescribed in the appropriate local employment legislation, the interval upon which remuneration will be paid to you is monthly and you will be entitled to the minimum statutory days paid annual holiday or pro rata for your contracted hours and the duration of the assignment.
    4. We will seek to obtain and to pay you a competitive rate of pay for any assignment we find for you, but in any event this will be not less than the legally required minimum.