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HERE we go again, on our soapbox, but cringing as we go.  (Is that how you spell “cringing”?  Is it a real word?  You see, paranoia takes over when you preach to others.)  Last month’s Changing Course was not a rod for our own back.  No-one wrote to tell us about our own grammatical or spelling mistakes.  Unfortunately, Sue at Stena Line spotted an errant “it’s” in place of what would have been an unobtrusive “its”.

So, on our swords we fall as we hold up our hands and hang our heads in shame.  We shall persevere however, in our quest to right the wrongs that appear in CVs the world over. 


March’s rule?  Apostrophes are NEVER ever used to denote plurals. 
April’s rule?  Apostrophes are used to denote possession. 

This month’s rule? Apostrophes are used to denote a missing letter or letters.


·         I can't instead of I cannot

·         I don't instead of I do not

·         It's instead of it is

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