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HOW do you fancy a job interview blindfolded at the bottom of a swimming pool sawing a metal bar in half? It’s a bit different from ‘Where do you see yourself if 5 years?”

This is one of the challenges you’ll have to get through if you want to become a Salvage & Mooring Officer for the UK Ministry of Defence. You’ll also have to join the Maritime Forces Sponsored Reserve and you must hold a British passport as this is a Reserved Post.

This is a really interesting job. It’s well paid, comes with that oh-so-valuable civil service pension, with sponsorship for a law degree and diving qualifications, travel to interesting places, might even win you a gong and is based in the West Country.  What more can you ask?

If you’re a master mariner who can dive (you don’t even need a certificate!) give Spinnaker’s Teresa Peacock a call or email her on: [email protected]

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