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Managing performance in maritime

During our most recent live information exchange, Spinnaker welcomed Maritime HR Association members to discuss the value and evolution of performance management.  

Our members agreed that a ‘back to basics’ approach to performance management based on fairness was the most popular approach, with job descriptions creating a good foundation.  

Systems and Processes 

All our members complete appraisals annually alongside a 6 monthly informal or formal discussion, with the annual appraisal being predominantly based on goal setting and the mid-term discussion focusing on performance and training.  

Whilst most members use a traditional style approach to appraisals (with the employee and line manager completing a questionnaire or competency-based points card, followed by a meeting), one of our members had been working on evolving their Performance Management system using a HR system to record discussions. This system can be updated continuously throughout the year, with regular check ins and feedback. 

Salary and Performance Management  

It was discussed as a group that performance management discussions can often centre around salary reviews, and all agreed that the two topics are best kept separate – so the focus remains on performance, behaviour gaps and training rather than directly related to pay. 

How do we help management have difficult conversations?  

Training and workshops were a method used by a number of members, both at sea and onshore. Managers are helped to give honest feedback and to ensure development ideas and objectives for the next year are in line with the organisation’s strategy. 

Personal Development  

Performance management discussions can be a great way to talk to employees about how they can grow within the company and further develop their knowledge and experience. These discussions were thought to be more forward looking (to the next 12 months) setting goals and objectives and not just about improving past performance. 

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