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The rise and rise of dynamic positioning continues, not least in the booming offshore industry. DP professionals are much in demand worldwide these days, not just in the offshore sector, but also on modern cruise ships and cruise lines have invested heavily in training for crews in the use of DP technology.

For those of you who aren't in the know, DP is a computer-controlled system which makes use of the ship's propellers and thrusters to maintain its position.

Here at Spinnaker we have seen a surge of demand from the offshore and consulting industries for DP expertise. In Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific we are recruiting DP consultants with both deck and engineering backgrounds as well as electrical engineers, warranty surveyors, safety and risk engineers and rig movers.

There some really interesting high profile projects at the moment. People with strong offshore DP experience can almost take their pick in the current market, and of course following Deepwater Horizon, safety and risk are at the top of the agenda.

Contact the lovely people in Spinnaker's technical division on [email protected] (Tel: +44 1702 481 630) if you need a dynamic new position. Get it? Dynamic� position�? Oh, never mind!

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