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costa concordia

Rolling in the deep

Parbuckling, grout bags, strand-jacks and blister sisters – the rolling of the Costa Concordia is one major operation.

This September, the 114,000 ton cruise ship, which has been languishing off the island of Giglio since January 2012, will be raised via a unique rolling method which we read all about via CBS news.

The method, led by a captain and experienced salvage master, includes filling two enormous tanks or 'blister sisters' on the bow of the ship which will stabilise the bow. The tanks will provide thousands of tons of buoyancy, and 18,000 tons of cement have been pumped into grout bags to fill the gap underneath the ship's hull.

In short, it's a massive task. We just hope the rolling, or parbuckling – bringing the ship to an upright position – goes to plan. Good luck to all involved!

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