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An Overview: The Technical & Marine Job Family from the 2022 Spinnaker Salary Survey

The backbone of the industry

In 2022, 83 Maritime HR Association members reported data for over 4,800 technical and marine staff working across 74 countries – which makes up 12% of all reported incumbents.

The ‘average’ technical and marine team with 1 Head of / Director (SM04) in charge, consists of 4 Managers (SM03), 6 Senior Professionals (SM02), 10 Professionals (SM01) and 4 Junior / Trainees (SM00).  Marine and technical staff are most likely based in Singapore, India or the UK.

Unsurprisingly, technical roles are more prominent than marine ones – 53% compared to 44%.

Gender Diversity

Within maritime jobs a large proportion of the technical & marine family are ex-seafarers, therefore the lack of women on board is impacting the number of women in these jobs ashore.

The proportion of women in the technical & marine job family remains stagnant at around 13%, 2% less when compared to 2020.  At a Junior / Trainee level, 44% of reported incumbents are women, however, this percentage steeply drops to 10% at the Professional level and keeps declining until it reaches just 3% at the Head of / Director level.  Despite a slight improvement at the Head of / Director level (1% more females in charge since 2021), we can still state that the job family is one of the least gender diverse across the others reported.

We know from the market that women are more likely to be found in the deck teams onboard, so it’s not surprising that technical roles ashore are male-dominated.

Who’s paid the most?

Junior / Trainees (SM00) based in the USA received the highest median salaries in 2022.

The likelihood of receiving a relatively higher base salary for more senior staff (starting from Senior Professionals) increases if they are based in Hong Kong. The reason for that though is the higher cost of living compared to other locations.

At all reportable levels, Oil Major / Commodity Groups pay the highest median salaries and the largest bonus and unsurprisingly, total compensation packages.

To find out more details about the dynamics of this job family or others, please contact our benchmarking team at [email protected].

Written by Daryna Rozum, Reward Consultant, Spinnaker

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