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Does your boss have good communication skills? Well, according to research from Korn Ferry / Whitehead Mann, only one in five workers think their boss has what it takes.

Being able to communicate well was ranked number one with employees with the ability to motivate the team in second place. Only 13% of those surveyed thought their boss was a good motivator. Whether the boss had integrity was also an issue. Only 14% said their boss had that! Bit of a worry…

Those of us who have had experience of poor management will not be surprised at the poor results. As we reported in Changing Course last month, shipping is not immune from this problem with poor communication between masters and crews, not to mention between those fulfilling shore-side as opposed to ship-side roles. Addressing these issues will be vital to creating the happy working environment which is essential if we are to retain those who we recruit. In this market where skills are high, employers can´t afford to ignore poor management.

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