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DESPITE what we hear all the time, it is not true that people are our most important asset.  The ‘right’ people are, however.


Whilst this may seem like a pedantic distinction, stop for a moment and analyse the people in your business.  Think about:


  • The contribution your best people make
  • The management time spent on hiring both the right and the wrong people
  • The time and cost spent trying to train the wrong people to display the right behaviours
  • The management time spent on removing the ‘wrong’ people
  • The disruption caused by that
  • The time and cost of replacing those people
  • The lost business

So, in a recession, when customer service is more important than ever, when we all need the right people on the boat to steer us through, getting recruitment processes fit for purpose is number one priority.


At Spinnaker, we encourage our clients to help us to sell their organisations, their strategies and their growth plans so the right people know that they are the right organisations to join. 


And, we try to analyse and present the right candidates so you aren’t wasting time on the wrong ones.  If you have a vacancy or simply need some advice on your recruitment process, give us a call:


Professional Services Division        +44 (0)1702 481650
Commercial Division                       +44 (0)1702 481640
Technical Division                           +44 (0)1702 481630

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