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Do your incentive programmes influence staff behaviour? 


We all build incentives around the assumption that they both ‘produce’ and ‘reward’ good results. 


But, again, think about the ‘right’ people in your business.  


Usually, these individuals have a high sense of personal responsibility; their work ethic is inbuilt, they do the right things for your business and your customers simply because they know they are the right things to do.

Sure, your compensation and benefits must be fair and competitive to get these people on the team in the first place and to keep them there, but there is little real empirical evidence that they actually ‘change’ their performance.

We’ll be coming back to this subject in future.  In the meantime, let us know what you think.  What is your experience as an employee, an HR professional, an employer and do psychometrics help you identify the right people…?

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