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“The second half of 2009 will be a bloodbath.” So said many in the chartering and shipbroking industry after freight rates fell off a cliff in September 2008. But it wasn’t so. 

Sure, some people did lose their jobs, the FFA market plummeted and freight rates weren’t what they were the year before, but good old China saved the day for the dry bulk market at least.

Many employers decided to ride out the storm and hold onto their good staff and now we’re seeing the next stage in the long game as several players in the commodity and freight markets, both broking and trading seem set on investing for the future. 

Spinnaker have received an influx of new vacancies, about half of them in Europe, a third in Asia Pac and the rest in the Middle East. They cover the full range of jobs – analysts, brokers and traders, from global heads to junior staff, in tankers, dry and bunkers, physical and derivatives, freight and commodities (especially coal and iron ore). We don’t know whether this is a blip or a sign of things to come.

Whatever it is, the consultants in our Commercial Division are smiling. Give them a call on +44 1702 481640 or email [email protected]  

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