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FPSOs, FSOs, FSUs and all that stuff, have been around for a good few years now, but they still feel like the newer side of shipping and they still need explaining to many a conventional shipping bod.

Ditto LNG ("what actually is LNG then?" is a fairly common question from a surprising number of shipping folk after a pint or two).

So, blend the two together and you have FSRUs – Floating Storage and Re-gasification Units. These really are the new thing, the Carlos Fandango. So much so that there are fewer than ten of them in the world.

But, not for long! Expect to see phenomenal growth of these incredible bits of kit – half ship, half terminal and every bit the future.

Spinnaker is looking for a superhero to lead the charge into this sphere for a major player in the gas market. To learn more about this role, which is a senior, exciting chance to be a bigwig in a big pond, please contact Keith Snow at [email protected]

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