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This is a real note written by one of Spinnaker's consultants following an interview last week.

"John speaks very slowly and said some interesting things. Seemed like a nice guy but not sure if he is right for the role with X which is why I was calling. He said he has always dreamed of working in shipping insurance. The dream started when he watched Godzilla for the first time and he saw a ship torn apart."

Blimey, clearly this man is thinking of the worst case scenario. I don't remember this particular scene from Godzilla but personally consider that "Kraken Wakes" offers more opportunity for the insurance industry as seaborne and land claims are equally covered. While on the topic of John Wyndham, and bearing in mind we have just passed Valentine's Day, I'm reminded of the bit of graffiti that read "say it with flowers, send her a triffid"

Needless to say, John shot to the top of the shortlist and is now firmly ensconced in the Chief Executive's chair of a leading P&I club near you.

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