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GOOD news for those trainee lawyers whose start dates at Eversheds were deferred last year due to the economic conditions.  

The law firm has announced that it will be taking on 76 graduate trainees this year, including 27 deferrals from 2009.  

Commenting on the news, Eversheds’ chief executive Bryan Hughes stressed the firm’s commitment to investing in the next generation of lawyers. 

While shipping litigators have on the whole fared pretty well during the recession, it is good to see some expansion in progress after what has been a tough year and a nervous time for many young lawyers. 

We wonder what they’ve been doing for the past year. A good friend of ours who’s a 747 pilot spent the first few years of his career as a cabin steward before a flying job came free. He’s spent years fending off jokes about his sexuality ever since. At least Eversheds’ new staff have had a year free of lawyer jokes. As a former lawyer, your truly’s favourite one is the one about the lawyer who charged so many hours he got to heaven years before his time. You know the one.

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