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ACCORDING to the CEO of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (London Evening Standard, 10th March), most university degrees condemn graduates to menial jobs serving coffee in Starbucks.

In his humble opinion, the only degrees worth having are firsts and upper seconds from the top 20 Russell Group universities.

In our equally humble opinion, he misses the point. While we agree that the UK Government target of 50% of young people going to university will devalue degrees, his comments suggest that only 20 universities are worth going to.

In shipping, we have a variety of top quality degree offerings from universities around the world that do not fall within the traditionally elite group. They produce really good graduates who remain loyal to the industry and who can be found in most of our top shipbrokers, P&I clubs, law firms, shipowners and chartering organisations.

Given that more than 90% of world trade is carried by sea – and that most people agree that the economic winter was caused in large part by bankers with Russell Group degrees – they can't be all that bad – can they?

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