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Last week I had the privilege of being a speaker at one of the most interesting shipping conferences I have been to in a long while. 
“Corporate Social Responsibility – the Maritime Supply Chain of Responsibility,” was the first shipping CSR conference. Testament to progress in this area is the fact that only 18 months ago a similar event was cancelled due to lack of interest. To see Navigate PR’s forthcoming conferences visit .
Terry Macallister opened the debate by telling us all that CSR is dead and that he’d been to the funeral. But, CSR was given CPR and it was great to be at a conference talking about how shipping is doing and can be doing the right things instead of bleating on about its image. Read on…
Of course, we at Spinnaker continue to bleat on. In this issue of Changing Course, we’re still going on about apostrophes. If you’re one of the people who think this is a good thing, then you’ve probably already read “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” by Lynne Truss. If you’re now ready to moan about society’s bad manners as well, then you might like her book “Talk to the Hand”. Thank you to Sue at Stena Line for this recommendation (even though she hasn’t read it yet), which is otherwise described as “The Utter Bloody Rudeness of Everyday Life (or six good reasons to stay home and bolt the door).” Sue, I promise, should you ever hold a door open for me I will remember to thank you.
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