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…how to get rid of those annoying lines across the page when typing a Word document?  You know, the ones that appeared out of nowhere, or that you inserted by typing “—“ and then hitting the “Enter” key but now won’t go away.


Well, we’ve just found out and it was such a wonderful moment, we thought we should share it with you.  First, take note that the line is treated as ‘belonging’ to the paragraph above it.  So, with that in mind, select the paragraph all the way down to the line itself.  Then, depending upon which version of Word you’re using:

  • select Format and then Borders and Shading and choose the option which removes the line at the bottom of a table; or
  • choose the borders and shading icon (the square with four two rows and two columns in it); or
  • click on “Ctrl Q”
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