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Four legal secretaries are on the tube on a Monday morning. One asks the other three if they pulled at the weekend. The first one said, 'Oh yes, I pulled a partner, he was amazing, extremely confident, knew what he was doing but on the downside, he seemed to think 6 minutes lasted an hour.'

The second secretary said, 'I pulled a senior associate. He was great, knew a lot of tricks, had bags of energy, but on the downside he kept on asking me whether he'd achieved his target.'

The third secretary said, 'I pulled an junior associate. He was superb – the most fantastic performance ever – 10 out of 10, but on the downside he seemed quite stressed and had to rush off back to work.'

The fourth secretary looked up glumly and said, 'I pulled a trainee.' 'Was he any good?' the other three asked. 'No,' replied the fourth, 'I had to show him what to do three times and then ended up doing it myself…'

Thanks to Mel Geoghan for this one!

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