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EMPLOYERS in many sectors are showing a reluctance to make hiring decisions unless all managers are in complete agreement. Doesn’t sound so strange but when times are hard decision-making tends to rise up the organizational hierarchy, individuals are less willing or able to stick their necks out and we seek the safety of consensus. 

According to one non-marine recruiter this is “particularly prevalent in US based organisations who are not the fastest at making decisions anyway, even those that state they are dynamic and entrepreneurial!” 

Apparently (although we’ve not seen it) Belgian companies are particularly notorious for this as they tend to insist on a least five interviews with a candidate before a decision will be made.

Belgians defend yourself – do you really do this?

The same recruiter says that “making candidates meet with or speak to lots of contacts at a company also confuses them, and makes them wary of the whole process especially if they are in work and have limited time to job search.”

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