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As we all absorb the outcome of the UK election, it may be worthwhile to reflect on the characteristics that make a good or bad prime minister. Apparently more than 100 people applied to an ad placed by Run the Country Ltd for the prime ministerial role by JobsGoPublic.

Essential skills and qualities were listed as being easy to impersonate and having a hide like a rhino. "An ability to charm the general public is an added bonus for this position. Failing which, the capability to alienate whole groups of the population would suffice".

Financial management expertise was not listed as essential for the job – why is that no surprise?

So what essentials in the maritime context? A total lack of interest in shipping? The ability to move shipping ministers quickly if they show any interest in the job? A failure to understand the maritime industry's importance to the economy unless a cloud of volcanic ash is passing overhead? Let us have your thoughts.

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