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Last week was that time of year again when the great and the good give Greece a break and head instead for Oslo for Nor-Shipping. A different approach this year, with the emphasis on showcasing the industry to young people, local politicians and the like in order to encourage them to engage with the industry.

But we know what Nor-Shipping's really all about – boozing!

In common with Posidonia (in fact any event where the fabulously social shipping industry gets together) heavy drinking is involved, preferably on someone else's expense account.

One journo we spoke to recently said he had been asked not to file copy after eight in the evening, as it was not expected to be coherent.

"Crikey!" we thought, "He's a slow starter…"

These events are obviously important for networking, as well as displaying products and new services. There are also opportunities to honour the work done by the industry: the "clean ship" and "next generation ship" awards were won this year by shipping giant Vale and Rolls-Royce respectively. A serious point here for once – check out some of the innovations honoured by these awards – you'll be amazed at the progress being made by our amazing industry.

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