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"Half a million? Are you mad?"

Reimbursement of interview expenses can be a surprisingly contentious subject. Of course, most employers and most jobseekers are perfectly sensible and most company policies apply simple common sense.

Generally it is unlikely that a company will reimburse expenses for applicants who live within a couple of hundred miles of the interview. Other than that, reasonable travel and hotel costs are usually reimbursed (although not always) and those senior or lucky enough may get a business class seat for long distance flights.

Always shocking to us at Spinnaker are those jobseekers who submit interview expenses including items such as a can of coke or a packet of crisps. Nothing is more likely to undo the good work done at the interview!

But just imagine how one recent interviewee felt when his interview expenses were overpaid to the tune of half a million Singapore dollars. That's right – half a million!

He has promised to repay the money.

Speaking from his yacht in the Caribbean he told us: "I very much enjoyed the interview and…"

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