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YOU TUBE´s most popular video is a Madonna tribute to Michael Jackson. If you´re getting a little tired of hearing I´m gonna this and I´m gonna that, have no fear, for the International Shipping Federation has launched its own You Tube blockbuster, grippingly named “Careers in International Shipping” (

NOW, while it may sound like we´re taking the mickey, far from it. It´s great to see the industry´s career promotion activities getting on the web. We´re not entirely convinced the video shows how impressively large and modern shipping can be – some of the shots do look a bit dated – but …spread the word! This is something you can point out to your children´s school teachers. They´re all terribly modern nowadays – computers and projectors in classrooms and all that – so they can just gather the children round, log on and press play. And to cheer them up afterwards, there´s always Madonna paying tribute to Michael Jackson.

BUT, whatever you do, don´t let them see the Hebei Spirit coverage on You Tube. More on that below.

A BIT of a long one this month.  Take your pick.  We hope you´ll agree there´s some interesting stuff.  We´re also talking about RVI (not a sexually transmitted disease, but quite possibly the insurance industry´s answer to ship finance), naked famous people with fish, common sense redundancy laws, doing a bit of boasting, having a moan about politicians and pensions, giving some good news about rental prices in Dubai and, last but by no means least, reminding you how you can get together with 300 women in shipping in September. Now, who would want to miss that?

Ooh, and if you´re in the UK and haven´t yet updated your internal Disciplinary and Grievance policies and procedures following the changes in the law in April, email [email protected] with your name, company and job title and we´ll send you a fact sheet and sample updated policy.

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