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Spinnaker is seeing more vacancies in the offshore support and FPSO markets than we have ever had. This is both technical, in terms of newbuildings, FPSO project management and technical management of offshore fleets, as well as offshore commercial specialists.

At the moment we are looking for a newbuildings director, a head of offshore fleet, and a head of FPSO business development and project management.  We are also looking for offshore brokers and several offshore superintendents.

Our current vacancies are in Europe and the Far East but the Brazilian offshore market has been really heating up the last two years and is undergoing a new market dynamic rather like the VLCC and LNG markets when they were the new kids on the block. The sudden rush of demand for staff in a particular sector and a particular location always causes an immediate spike in salaries and that is exactly what's happened in Brazil. The Brazilian offshore market is the gold rush hot spot of the moment.

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