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Have you ever felt that you come across one way only to find out that people see you entirely differently?

At Spinnaker, we discover sometimes that, try as we might, we don´t always get the full message across to our clients about what we do. Some clients see us as recruiting only for executive positions, while others see us as purely as a shipping law recruiter and yet more see us as recruiting only charterers and superintendents. There are even those who only know us for the compensation and benefits advisory work we do and as secretariat of the Maritime HR Forum.

The truth is we do all of the above, but we realised halfway through the last decade that being just a shipping specialist wasn´t enough and we set out to be The Specialists within the Specialism. Since then, Spinnaker´s business has been operated in divisions – Technical, Professional Services and Commercial. Each of our consultants works in one of these teams and specialises within it in a particular country or narrow field to ensure that they become true experts. Executive search work is carried out only by consultants who qualify into our executive scheme and is overseen by our Chairman.

And so, we have individual consultants who recruit traders into Geneva, shipmanagement staff into Singapore, insurance brokers into London, lawyers into New York, sales staff into Dubai, charterers into Houston and so on.

In our 14 years in business, we have placed CEOs, CFOs, COOs, technical directors, chartering directors, heads of industry bodies, partners in law firms and many more of shipping´s big cheeses. Actually though, we are only now becoming aware of some of the most gratifying work we have done as those who sought our advice as youngsters or seafarers coming ashore and were placed by us many years ago are progressing up the career ladder and have become friends and clients themselves. Yes we get paid for what we do and of course that´s why we´re in business, but it´s great to see tangible results in the work that those people do and to see the shipping industry benefitting from their presence.

You can contact our teams via the details below or click here to see Spinnaker´s propellor for a full list of the jobs we fill.

Technical +44 (0) 1702 481 630 [email protected]
Professional +44 (0) 1702 481 650 [email protected]
Commercial +44 (0) 1702 481 640 [email protected]

…and if you´re an entrepreneur with dry chartering experience and the business experience to lead a new well-funded operating and shipowning business as its COO, then give Chantal Garrard in our Commercial Division a call!

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