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Everyone has doubtless been through some form of appraisal at some point, and in the case of one person speaking to Spinnaker the experience has not been beneficial – of the two appraisals she had ever had, the first involved a boss whose first words when she walked in to discuss her performance, were "I´m surprised you´re still here". The second took place in a pub and well…

According to a survey by Covalent Software, as reported by the Recruiter, companies´ success can be adversely affected by their inability to manage staff performance. This may seem like a no brainer but only just over half of those surveyed did an annual appraisal.

In addition, payment and bonuses are often linked to appraisals and can result in dissatisfaction on the part of employees, the research said.

The question is how to ensure that appraisals fulfil what employees and employers expect of each other. With so many staff leaving companies because they feel unappreciated and so much evidence out there that a simple pat on the back and the occasional thank you is all it takes, its amazing that appraisals are still so poorly managed.

It´s not about form-filling though. If you get to appraisal time and your employee is totally stunned by your feedback, it´s about your poor communication (did you read the article above?!) Set clear goals, feedback regularly and the appraisal becomes a chance for review, collaboration and goal setting.

Here are some of our favourite appraisal summaries:
He has the wisdom of youth and the energy of old age
Works well under constant supervision
Whatever his expectations are, he should lower them
Whenever she opens her mouth it´s to put her other foot in it

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