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WE at Spinnaker have come to the end of yet another business year, our twelfth.  It has been arguably the toughest trading environment for a generation, but we have ended the year in profit and with a spring in our step thanks to a strong pipeline of quality instructions both on the contingency recruitment and executive search sides of our business.

AS ever we must begin with a thank you to those of you who have put your trust in Spinnaker this year.  To our employer clients, thank you for your instructions and to those of you who have sent us your CVs, thank you for asking Spinnaker to help with your job search.

At the beginning of Spinnaker’s business year shipping’s great party had finally come to an end.  Quarter 4 2009 was to be the hangover the next morning and 2009 would undoubtedly be an afternoon spent on the sofa taking paracetamol.  And so it turned out to be.   But, it seems, not everybody had drunk too much the evening before and not everyone suffered the same hangover.  So it is with parties, it is with business.

We’d like to welcome on board  Zoe Upson and Rachel Gaw who have joined our Commercial and Professional Services Divisons.

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