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RECESSIONS have a funny way of teaching us a lot about business. At Spinnaker our thirteenth year in business has just come to a close so for us it is time to take stock. We look back on the last year, the last two years in fact, with a sense of some disbelief and not a small amount of relief.

2009/10 has for us been a year of total contrast with last year – one look at Spinnaker's figures explains the meaning of V-shaped recession faster than an economist can say "well, it works like this you see?"

We'll analyse the state of the recruitment market in 2010 in the next issue of Changing Course but, in brief, confidence has certainly returned to the market throughout the whole year. The technical market in particular has continued to defy gravity with vacancy numbers up a whopping 61% on even 2007/8.

In truth, it's a little humbling to realize that it takes a recession to teach you some of the simplest rules of business. In many ways, Spinnaker has the recession to thank for what has been our most profitable year in business. Costs are firmly under control, we have a superb bunch of people who are committed to doing a good job ethically and to whom we are very grateful for sticking with us through the downturn and we have numerous clients who give us repeat business and who are a pleasure to work with. We can't ask for much more!

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