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ANOTHER humbling lesson for Spinnaker and for many other employers out there, thanks to the recession, has been learning to improve the recruitment process. When the focus is on costs and performance no-one wants to make a mistake. And when companies have seized the opportunity to "clear out the dead wood" having expanded perhaps a touch too rapidly, recruitment mistakes are fresh in their minds.

So, it is no great surprise that the number of people interviewed per hire shot up during the recession. They're back down now, but, interestingly, what has continued to rise is the number of second and third interviews taking place. Subsequent interviews take place almost twice as often now as they did in 2008 and some 33% more than in 2009.

You'd think that as recruiters we'd have been getting it right all along, but just as doctors smoke, mechanics drive old bangers and dentists have mouldy teeth, our industry too has not always practiced what we preach. Spinnaker have been running very tight on staffing resources in 2010 and hired three new members of staff over the last quarter. David, Chantal and Oliver have settled in very well to our commercial and technical divisions and we look forward to welcoming Matthew and Samantha to our technical division later this month.

So, let's see if we're getting it right in this brave new post-recession(?) world. If not, there will no doubt be another slice of that delicious humble pie on the menu!

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