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THERE are some big earners in the shipping world, not just the traditional entrepreneurial shipowners, but a new breed of physical and paper freight traders. And, just in case you thought the recession had put an end to all that, don’t forget about those that called the market right. Sure, there will be fewer of them, but there will still be some bumper bonuses in 2010.

And, actually, quite right too. The risk environment that characterizes the freight market nowadays has attracted some very good brains, whose ability to juggle forward cargo commitments, owned and operated tonnage, hedging instruments and at the same time, service their customers, is impressive to say the least.

There was always a joke that shipbrokers and charterers weren’t the sharpest tools in the box. True or not, as an industry we can certainly proudly point to the fact that shipping nowadays does a pretty good job of competing with the financial markets for some of the best talent out there.

It’s a shame though that it’s all gone graduate crazy. With so many degree-holders out there, we have as a society arguably devalued what it means to hold a degree. I for one met some of the silliest people I know at university and law school …and I count among my friends some of the brightest and most successful people I know, who left school at 16. Those people wouldn’t get a look-in today and that’s a pity.

Whether or not you hold a degree, if you’re a big hitter in the dry freight market, we’d like to hear from you. One of our clients, a major player in the global dry markets, has very sensibly retained the nice folk at Spinnaker to help them find a head of freight and a head of strategy and analysis. These jobs require the best people with the best brains even if they do look a bit thick on paper! Give Amy Travell a call on +44 1702 481640.

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