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Spinnaker named Executive Search Partner of the Year 2021

The Global Ports Council has announced Spinnaker to be “the most deserving winner” of the Preferred Port/Terminal Executive Search Partner of the Year 2021 award.

Spinnaker has provided executive search services to the global shipping industry for 24 years, placing top shipping executives in some of the most senior roles in the industry.

Teresa Peacock, Managing Director at Spinnaker, says “We are honoured to have been voted Search Partner of the Year. 2020 came with many challenges, however, our Search team was incredibly busy.  Recruitment is a very exciting profession, and identifying that perfect person who not only has the skills and experience to do the role, but who also fits with the company culture is very rewarding.  Search isn’t just about those senior positions, it is also about those difficult to fill roles, or those vacancies where speed is of the essence. Whether the organisation is making a big splash about the new hire, or whether it has to be a confidential search, we can happily accommodate both approaches.

We’re three months in to 2021 and already our Search team are busier than ever. Much research time and resource goes into these C-suite hires, setting it apart from regular contingency recruitment.

Search isn’t just about filling roles,” says Peacock. “It’s about a great hire because we understand how to identify potential. The approach is key: we market-map a sector, understanding every element of the market, a dedicated project team ensures a proper and thorough process that is proven to work. We have major companies coming to us to handle their top vacancies, and it’s really satisfying to have this award as a reminder of the hard work we do.

The Global Port Forum Awards 2021 aim to recognize the most valuable contribution made by organizations and professionals in different areas of Ports and Terminals Industry and acknowledge their roles and achievements in different categories.

These Awards are awarded based on the nominations received and also in recognition of the important contributions and achievements made by organizations and professionals across our industry in the last year.

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