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10 year celebration

We're celebrating the 10-year Spinnaker anniversary of our Hiring & Training Manager, Amy Travell. Amy joined Spinnaker in January 2004 as a Trainee Consultant, with no prior experience. She quickly established herself as a very successful consultant, billing over £300k by her third year with us. Amy was promoted to a Manager in June 2007 and then transferred to Principal Consultant. With this broad range of experience, Amy was best-placed to be our Hiring and Training Manager, a new role that we created in 2013. This position means that Amy is present on the journey of all new staff from their first interview to the completion of their induction.

So now, after her 10 years at Spinnaker, we are rewarding her with £1,000 to spend on a long weekend of her choice. We know how important it is to make staff feel valued, and we're delighted that Amy is still with us after all these years!

Congratulations to Amy… and we hope she enjoys her break away.

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