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marine insurance

The marine insurance landscape

Marine insurance is where Spinnaker cut its teeth in recruitment, 18 years ago, and we have been recruiting insurance professionals for marine insurance organisations ever since. Spinnaker’s insurance recruiters have recently filled head of insurance and risk vacancies for three major shipowners in a flurry of in-house roles.

Today, in 2015, the landscape looks very different from when we started out. The market is saturated with capital yet the underwriting community struggles to return a profit. Over-capacity in insurance sounds very much like over-supply in shipping and in both cases the net result is a race to the bottom. Our Chairman Phil Parry moderated the panel session at the AGM conference of the Swedish Club in June. The conclusion of the event, themed Random Events and Game Changers in Marine Insurance was very much that even mega-claims do little to change the scenery.

The good news for us in marine insurance recruitment is that all this capacity needs managing and our Global Team is well placed to find the perfect candidates.

Some of our top jobs at Spinnaker currently in the insurance sector are:

We’ve recently created a networking group on LinkedIn for marine insurance professionals; a place to share news and views. If you’d like to join, click here.

Our marine insurance team is headed up by our consultant Rebecca Kendall. If you’d like to get in touch with Rebecca to discuss our insurance requirements, please email Rebecca at [email protected] or call the office for a confidential discussion on +44 (0)1702 481650

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