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THE OSCAR Campaign, raising money from shipping for children’s hospital Great Ormond Street has hit its £500,000 target thanks to an additional anonymous donation.

Here’s a message of thanks from the OSCAR Campaign Board:

The industry has rallied for this fantastic cause and, through hard work, collaboration and generosity, produced an outstanding result. The £500,000 that you have all helped to raise is a major contribution to the care of very sick children at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The difference will be felt by everyone who visits the facility we have helped to create.

Thanks to the dedication of individuals and organisations from across the world of shipping, we have provided the thousands of children who visit the clinical investigations suite with a state-of-the-art facility where they can undergo the vital tests and monitoring they need to get well. We know the importance of a comfortable, practical environment when your child is extremely unwell. Having a spacious, light and modern ward really matters. The smaller details – the space to have a private conversation with a doctor, the artwork on the walls to distract an anxious child – also count for so much. Shipping’s commitment to the OSCAR campaign has allowed GOSH to offer children from all over the UK and the rest of the world the ward they deserve.

And the most exciting thing is this is only the beginning – there is still so much that we can do together to help GOSH. We look forward to keeping you all informed of our next steps and we very much hope you will want to stay involved. Thank you all very much indeed for your extraordinary kindness and support.

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