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making a maritime centre

The next generation of maritime professionals

The Shipping Professional's Network London (SPNL) Next Generation Confidence Index was launched during a joint event held by SPNL, Spinnaker and DNV during London International Shipping Week.

The Index, conducted by SPNL in conjunction with Moore Stephens, canvasses the opinions of young professionals working primarily in the shipowning, shipbroking, ship management, chartering, advisory and associated industries in London. Respondents were asked for views on the current state of the market, and how they believed it would perform in the next twelve months. The Index will form a part of the SPNL Future-London Report – a report to which has the central theme to brainstorm how we can make London more attractive to both talent and investment. During the evening, attendees were also asked to answer the question "What makes a leading maritime centre?"

The venue of choice – the Golden Hinde – was fitting to showcase the UK's maritime credentials, as the Englishman Sir Francis Drake became the first sea-captain to survive a circumnavigation of the globe in his vessel The Golden Hinde. Guests were met with a string quartet as they walked up the red carpet.

This showcase of the UK's next generation of maritime professionals was celebrated by over 200 guests from 20 countries and 13 maritime professions in recognition of the young talent moving up the ranks.

Claudio Chiste, Chairman of SPNL said:

"Being the pre-eminent meeting place for young shipping professionals also means that one of the strengths of SPNL is the wide variety of professional backgrounds represented among members. Apart from making industry contact through networking events, the vast network of London-based shipping professionals (over 1,000) could also be tapped into to assist governments, the private sector and the international shipping community to provide a 'fresh' view to the many challenges we face, namely attracting, nurturing and retaining of talent and investments."

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