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LET’S be honest, who knows?  We begin by saying thank you to our clients and candidates.  Words can be cheap, but we really do mean it. Everyone knows that when the chips are down you find out who your friends are. 

Spinnaker has always  been proud to have a high level of repeat business and never more so than the last year.  We have finished the year in good shape and on a rising trend.  But we don’t know what will happen in 2010 when a whole ocean-load of new ships are delivered from nervous shipyards. 

Will freight rates collapse again?  What will the global demand be like for raw materials and consumer goods?  Will China’s economy return to pre-Olympics growth rates?  

What we do know is that it isn’t over yet, but that most people are saying the same thing, that things are panning out better than expected (although maybe not the liner companies). So, long may it last.  

We also know that the number of companies planning a pay freeze in 2010 is about one-third of those who did it last year and that forecasts for 2010 pay reviews are up on last year.  If you want to be kept abreast of pay review developments join The Maritime HR Forum ([email protected]) where you can benchmark your salaries globally against the leading names in the industry.

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