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FROM Seoul to Southampton the New Year has been characterized by one thing – snow.

The Koreans mobilised an army to clear the snow, the Swiss went skiing and the British got excited then started complaining. 

Whether it’s cold and snowy or hot and sunny where you are, a HAPPY NEW YEAR from everyone at Spinnaker.

TO some, 2010 marks the beginning of a new decade. The noughties are over, the tens, tennies, teens (whatever) are here.

Not everyone agrees. 

One lawyer (what else?) says there are still 11.5 months before we move into the next decade.  "The first decade of the 21st Century runs from Jan 1st 2001 to Dec 31st 2010, just like the first decade AD ran from Jan 1st 0001 to Dec 31st 0010 and not from Jan 1st 0000 (there was no such year)."  He pours scorn on those who got all excited on 31st Dec 1999 and 31st Dec 2009.

Blimey! Bet he was great company on New Year’s Eve. He’s probably a really commercially-minded lawyer too.

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