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LAST month we told you about the very impressive newly qualified deck officer Fiona Rush, who spoke at the ISF manning and training conference.

You remember. Yes you do. She’s the one who couldn’t find a permanent job after her cadetship (along with many others) but whose performance at the conference drew crewing managers to her like bees to a honey pot.

We said we hoped to report in a future issue of Changing Course Fiona’s success and if we’re lucky she might even agree to send us some updates as her career progresses.  Well, we’re delighted to report that the very smart people at Shell know a good thing when they see it and snapped Fiona up before the competition could get a look-in. Over to Fiona:

Taking part in the conference has been invaluable to my career and my future. I had the opportunity to meet with most of the attendees who were interested in employing me.

After you introduced me to Shell, I was offered an interview on the night, I was on the Isle of Man the following day for interview and have now secured a position with Shell operating on LNG. Before the conference, I would not have thought that such options to work on LNG would have been available to me, due to my lack of experience.

I was recently in Croatia on the company induction. Where I had the chance to meet with the General Manager, who told me that I was hired on the basis on how I presented myself during the conference, which is amazing. 

After my 7 day induction, I was presented with a Fleet Officer Exceptional Talent commentary report, The Captain who took the course informed that over the course of 3 years induction of over 400 new employees he has written two. He also added in the report that he would have me sail as a 2nd tomorrow.

I was overwhelmed by the recommendation and I am really looking forward to embarking on my career with such a high profile company such as Shell. Although excited and slightly nervous, I feel very privileged and honoured to be in the position that I am now. Thank you for your assistance on the night and I'm more than happy to keep you updated.

Fiona started with Shell on 10th January and is now somewhere in Europe on one of those funny looking LNG carriers. We’ll tell you more about Fiona’s life at sea when we can. 

If you’re a seafarer who wants to put finger to keyboard to tell us a thing or two about life on board in the tennies (come on, pay attention), contact us

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