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WE’VE ASKED this before, but when does a few of something become a trend?  It’s like that question I was asked in the pub recently about how many cats an old lady has to own before she officially becomes a crazy cat lady (

ANYWAY, we’ve seen a definite rise in sales and business development vacancies in Japan this last year, all of them for the Japanese offices of foreign companies in marine software, communications, e-commerce and ship agency. Is there a bit of a focus on Japan going on or is it just coincidence?   Drop us an email if you’re Japanese or a Japanese speaker and want some details on our latest opportunities in Japan

WHAT does certainly seem to be a reflection of the market is a rise in Sale & Purchase vacancies. Spinnaker has opportunities with some of the best brokers in the market in Shanghai and London.   If you’re an experienced S&P broker or a S&P manager, get in touch with us

All enquiries are confidential. Actually, we would also like to hear from you if you’re a shipping banker who can help a European owner build their in-house finance knowledge as their thoughts turn to snapping up some bargain tonnage over the next year or two.

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