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connecticut maritime association

Connecticut Maritime Association conference tackles speed

We go behind the scenes of CMA to find out about the upcoming March conference, and the need for speed…

"Whether we like it or not the pace of change in the shipping industry has never been greater. In a world of continuously shifting trades, complex global economies, new means of oil production, consumption and sources of manufacturing, new technologies, decision making is pressurized. Stakes are rising.

The United States is fast becoming the world's leading producer of energy. Faced with punishing bunker prices and inadequate freight rates, vessel speed is the key delta for capacity growth. Successful tapping of capital markets rewards an omnivore's tastes and a sprinters aptitude. ECA zone deadlines shift distillates from a cargo to a fuel overnight. Environmental regulations are rapidly changing ship design and operation. Technological solutions are dizzying in number and selection. Transfer of data and information between ships and markets is instantaneous. Good crew go swiftly. Freight volatility snaps heads like a whiplash. ECO ship designs multiply like "juiced" cells. Social media has altered a 24/7 industry into a perpetual 1440 minute dash. A twenty five year ship is considered old at fifteen, yet can move faster than the younger new deliveries.

The CMA program in March is a feast of information that helps answer the question, where is your money: on the tortoise or the hare?

The shipping business is an industry of bold professionals who make BIG decisions daily. The CMA is honored to host so many visionary "Decision Makers" in a multi-dimensional conference which it hopes will contribute to your success."

Connecticut Maritime Association

Visit for all the details on the conference and to register your place. Spinnaker Consulting will be sponsoring the event and Chairman Phil Parry will be speaking on the Tuesday. We hope to see you there!

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