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New hub for shipping finance jobs

Shipping finance is a hot topic at the moment; even the wider world seems to be catching on to the troubles within the industry in newspaper economy pages. Who knew that so many non-shipping people would be interested in the Baltic Dry Index? It’s typical of shipping that we get noticed when there’s bad news (Costa Concordia being a fine example) but at least people are listening.

It’s the movers and shakers within shipping finance who really know what’s going on. The shipping Accountants, Treasurers, Finance Directors and CFOs. Not many people know that Spinnaker Global has been hiring shipping finance people for many years. Spinnaker have recruited for Accountants, Credit Analysts, Financial Controllers, CFOs, VPs of Finance and many more all over the world, from Dubai and Singapore to London, Africa and New York.

Our Finance Desk, led by Alex Wright, knows everything there is to know about the market at the moment. We understand the ebb and flow of shipping, and how finance is integral to what drives it. We are also excited to introduce a new consultant to the team; Emily Cox joins Finance from the Americas team.

To make it easier for shipping finance professionals, we have launched a new web page listing all our latest finance and accounting jobs in shipping. You can visit the page here:

If you are interested in recruiting a shipping finance professional, or are looking for a new opportunity in shipping finance, get in contact with Alex Wright at [email protected]

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