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So – not only is mobile technology damaging our businesses (see our IN YOUR FACE(BOOK) blog) – it’s damaging our holidays as well. Research carried out by BT discovered that a third (33%) of workers say they check their work email or voicemail whilst on holiday. And 39% of these “checkers” do it because they feel it is their responsibility to do so.

28% worried they would miss important information. One in four admitted that checking work communications on holiday annoys family and friends, so they either do it when others are not looking or try to finish as quickly as possible. And 28% know they can only get away with urgent business – completing non-essential work really upsets your nearest and dearest.

The survey also found that 41% log onto social networking sites when holidaying with friends and family. One tenth of these stated that social networks were their favourite method of relaxing (!) but a fifth admitted that they did it purely out of habit.

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