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Shipping salaries – 2021 data

The deadline for Spinnaker’s annual shore-based salary survey is fast approaching, and the Maritime HR Association team are busy collating and validating more than 22,000 lines of data provided by its members.

Yearly salary reports have become a must-have item for maritime businesses, becoming more valuable than ever following the turmoil of the past 12-18 months. Using trusted salary data as part of annual salary benchmarking allows business to:

  • attract top talent with competitive packages;
  • improve retention by rewarding fairly;
  • increase employee motivation;
  • stay aligned with market demand; and
  • underpin annual reviews of pay structures and levels.

This year’s shore-based salary survey is on track to be as robust and reliable as the last. In 2020 the reports reflected real time salary data for 22,000 employees from across 82 maritime employers (primarily shipowners, operators, ship managers and commodity/oil companies) in 78 countries.   

“Spinnaker is proud to be able to provide participants to the survey the most reliable and comprehensive salary data in the shipping industry,” says Phil Parry, Spinnaker’s Chairman. “It’s particularly pleasing that numerous large shipping employers now habitually use the Maritime HR Association job codes as their internal terminology and use the data as their primary benchmarks for setting and reviewing salaries.”

The shore-based salary survey will soon be closing for 2021, but it’s not too late to participate – get in touch to find out more: [email protected]

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