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far solitaire ship


PORNOGRAPHY takes many forms. There seems plenty to go round in the offshore industry.

Take a trip to Google Images and look up the “Far Solitaire”, the “Seven Viking”, the “Bourbon Orca” or even just “ship of the year”.

Farstad Shipping’s PSV Far Solitaire won Ship of the Year 2012 at SMM in September. She’s a sexy lady, one of her noteworthy features being a new Rolls-Royce wave-piercing bow design which cuts pitching and slamming, so improving crew comfort. She also has ‘comfort class’ notation for crew accommodation. How cool does that sound?!

Farstad’s CEO Karl-Johan Bakken said: “Regardless of technological development, the people onboard are our most important resource. Qualified and competent employees are becoming more and more important as vessels become more complex and advanced. Our ability to attract and retain highly qualified employees is the key to our success.” At last, a CEO who gets it. Well done Karl-Johan.


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