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Greece – relocation, relocation, relocation?

In June, I wrote an article about not only the changes at Spinnaker, but the change we’re seeing in the market. I specifically highlighted Greece; see quote below –

“It’s all about Greece! I know a lot of clients who are relocating to Greece. Greek candidates who have left are now incredibly eager to get back. I spoke to our Head of Marketing who said that in the past month, we’ve had a 25% increase in people in Greece coming to our site. Our monthly newsletter Changing Course arrives in the inboxes of over 38,000 shipping professionals. The number of Greece-located recipients is growing ever higher.”

Reading a recent article in TradeWinds, ‘The relocation of Greeks is no longer hypothetical’ – we know that there’s substance behind what we’re seeing. Nick Roumpis’ article said we are “at a time when the Greek government is trying to convince UK-based shipping firms to relocate to Piraeus.” We know it’s not without substance because of the conversations we’re having with our clients.

We’re not going to name names, but it’s not just UK shipping firms that are considering relocating their businesses to Greece; and those conversations are happening at the top. Is it a coincidence that we’re having those conversations about seeking talent in Greece with companies that we never expected to…I think not.

Will we see a shipping ‘Grexit’ on the cards?

There’s no smoke without a fire – is it already happening? Or is it a threat to maintain shipping’s status quo, preventing – wait for it – the change we think is on the horizon…

David Tubb, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Technical Shipping, Spinnaker Global

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